FILLMORE Surname Meaning and Origin

FILLMORE Surname Meaning and Origin

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The Fillmore surname derives from the Old English given name, Filmore, meaning "very famous," from the Germanic elements filu, meaning "very," and mari, meaning "famous."

The root more, in many cases, derives from the Anglo-Saxon mára, meaning "renowned." The name is also considered by some to have derived from the Old English fille, which means "full, fertile," as a name for someone who lived near a lake or a piece of fertile ground.

Surname Origin: English


Where in the World is the FILLMORE Surname Found?

The Fillmore surname is most commonly found today in Canada, according to WorldNames PublicProfiler, especially the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The name is also fairly common in the U.S. states of Utah and Idaho. In the United Kingdom, the name is less popular, but found in greatest numbers across southern England and in Scotland.

Surname distribution data from Forebears also indicates the Fillmore last name is most commonly found in Canada and the United States. It is also somewhat common in South Africa and Australia. In England during the period 1881-1901, Fillmore was most prevalent in Middlesex, followed by Surrey and Kent.

Famous People with the Last Name FILLMORE

  • Millard Fillmore - 13th President of the United States
  • Charles Sherlock Fillmore - one of the founders of the Unity Church
  • Henry Fillmore - American musician, composer and band leader
  • Charles J. Fillmore - American linguist, co-inventor of Case Grammar

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Contrary to what you may hear, there is no such thing as a Fillmore family crest or coat of arms for the Fillmore surname. Coats of arms are granted to individuals, not families, and may rightfully be used only by the uninterrupted male line descendants of the person to whom the coat of arms was originally granted.

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